Looking from Afar

“Maybe God just didn’t want us to….”
Really? For years I have failed to understand what it is that makes people think that whatever they do is WRITTEN in their fate. Today, i found an answer.
One that gives you a purpose.
That gives you satisfaction.
That wakes you up early in the morning on a Sunday.
That makes travelling for hours a joy.
One that people think is their IDENTITY.
Recently, i visited the holy temple of Shirdi which is flocked by lakhs of people everyday. Why? Beliefs.

Looking from afar, surprisingly that wasn’t the first thing I noticed when I walked in.
You know what I did notice?
Unknowingly, people had been divided into social classes. There was the ‘low class’ who had been standing in queues sweating from the past two days. Queues whose ends were not even visible. There were the VIPs who had the comfort of sitting in an air conditioned room while they waited for their turn to pray. Then there were the VVIPs who well, had Z security and stood nearest to the idol. Huh. Its amusing. One God. One belief. And all these people. God made them all. And yet this.

Another thing that caught my eye was the Pain.
Not only the kind you feel when you trip and fall. Not even the kind when someone is tortured endlessly. But the kind that shoots through in the body when you see a child crying.
There was a man begging endlessly to the security to let his family in because his mother had a broken knee and she couldn’t wait in the line. There were people on wheel chairs confused and lost in the chaos instead of spending time with their families. I saw pain. I saw tears. Not once did I see a smile.
The security was being shouted at for being rude and the people shouting were cursing inside a temple. Apparently, we leave behind our morals while following our belief which teaches us the same.

What astonished me and maybe enraged me a little as well was that people rested their fate in the hands of a deity. There was a huge population who had come a long way from home to worship and still hadn’t been able to enter the temple were roaming around hungry and barefoot in the scorching heat. “God, you have tested us enough. Now let us go in.” As if God had ANYTHING to do with this. Its just play of humans, temples.. entries..
We have TAUGHT ourselves from centuries that we are merely paint brushes held by a higher power painting our life. We are wrong. Nobody is a paint brush. We all are artists.

It wasn’t all bad. I saw love. A mother tightly grasping her child’s palm in the disorderly mob. A grandfather praying for his granddaughter’s admission. I am not asking people to be atheists or agnostics. Just them to remember that we can splash any number of colors on our canvas as we want.

18 thoughts on “Looking from Afar

  1. Great article with a dose of reality. I completely identify with the article. It’s my belief only that pulls me towards visiting religious places inspite of everything.


  2. Keep it up. Anyone who has an eye to see the reality beyond the mirage of this world has a gift and a duty to let others too see it. Age no bar. In fact the earlier you have acquired this the better.

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  3. Religion has become a business and we are but pawns in this grand deception. No one seems to understand that one doesn’t need to visit a temple to be closer to god. HE is within us.


  4. I hope your generation and thinking brings some changes .Temples are not business places .
    Very well written and expressed .Keep it up Dhawani .


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