365 New Days, 1 New Chance

As convenient as it would be, humans are not mechanically engineered contrivances who make the best decisions with a practical approach.                                          Humanity. Affection. Care. Feelings.
We are all emotional beings who give a stand to the heart above the obvious.
Above the obvious that some people are better forgotten.
Those words coated with sticky maple syrup and those eyes glistening with blinding-white pearls of fake consideration. That make our hearts melt.
And in this melted puddle of satisfaction of finding ‘a loved one’, we forget so much so as to ask for that love back.

Attention. Time. Care. Our most priceless possessions are handed over to another individual. And what do we seek in return ? Approval.   

Consciousness. Confidence. Insecurities.  Low Self Esteem.  After all, we need a daily dose of sugary words to believe that we are capable. We can blend in. Or do we? For once can we not just believe in being Unique?

You do not need Christmas to admire fairy lights. You do not need a mirror to tell you that you look pretty. 

So dear ‘oh so sickly sweet people’,
This new year I resolve that your disapproval will not allow me to dislike myself or feel low or even lose a second not smiling. Your ‘once in a while’ attention towards me will not take me away from my best friend. Your ‘lets eat’ so that I pay for the food won’t make me ditch barbecue night with family.
This year, I will stay close to the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Right people?
You know, the ones you talk to when you can’t sleep at one in the morning.
The ones who ring your doorbell and come in unannounced and uninvited on a school night with a box of chocolates because you are sick.
The ones you call when your car breaks down in the middle of no where.
The ones who call you when they run out of ice while attending guests.
From standing out of the class together in middle school to waving at your kids leave for high school.
The forever kind.

2018, new people, better people. This time, no mistakes, no regrets.


13 thoughts on “365 New Days, 1 New Chance

  1. Absolutely right..we spend our lives as per others expectations and approval..instead of that we should listen to our heart and do what we feel right for us

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