Influences, Dreams, People

The so-called ‘Current Generation’ is a blindfolded army of halfwits who adhere impetuously to herd mentality. 

Sounds wrong? Harsh? Well, this is what I, a 15 year old teenager hears, EVERY TIME I’m told that,”OH! Don’t talk to that so n so boy. Your grades will go down.” ” Don’t spend too much time on social media. You will also want everything your friend is wearing.” “Don’t mingle with those people. It’s bad company.” 

Yes, these words are offending. These in general are categorized in ‘Negative Influences’. Or should I say a Hypothetical Terminology that is Deeply Engraved  in minds? Yes, that’s exactly what I believe. Can one bad fish spoil the entire pond? NO! 

The fact that people believe that the youth which is the Future of Mankind is so weak that one person, or multiple opinions can change who they are or what they wish to achieve, distresses me.

Words DO have power. Can the rest of the fish make the bad one nicer? Huh. Maybe. Maybe Not. They can make it nicer. Not brainwash it, make it regret all its actions and leave behind all its beliefs.

Do people change when they are around different individuals? Of course. But those are just efforts made to fit in a peer group. Though I personally believe that one’s opinion should not be affected just for the sake of acceptance, there is nothing ethically wrong with it. Its just a matter of self confidence, which brings me back to the main point. This self confidence, dear people who think we are ‘negatively influenced’, is damaged and makes us conscious of every thing we do, when you say that all our actions are based on what we see daily. That we are all just puppets dancing because somebody is pulling our strings. It makes us fear things that are supposed to be pleasurable. We start doubting ourselves.

If there is a negative influence, is there a positive one as well?

What they say- “Stay with the class topper. Maybe some of her intelligence will rub off against you.”

What we hear- “Make the topper’s dreams, your dreams. Destroy all your originality and follow her around so that you never become a leader in life.”

There is no such thing as good or bad influence. We are just open to suggestions. Not naive or gullible enough to get confused because of those.

We are strong. We can make our decisions. We are not the generation we are accused of being. We are dream driven. Other people don’t chase behind us to take a road. They merely show us to crossroads where we travel on the one we wish to. 

We were a ball of clay at 5. We are freshly baked pots at 15.



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