If I Could Wish for One Thing


Caught in a vortex of beatific memories

Twenty- one years have elapsed

In solicitude, laughter, love

And quarrels, sometimes teary.


DocFile (2)1.jpg


A caterpillar working assiduously

You dream to be a butterfly

With coruscating wings

Reaching out to stars with fiery light

And if I could wish for one thing

I’d succour your adventurous strings

In this incredible flight.


DocFile (6)1.jpg



A soul so pellucid

Your eyes gleam, your strength they reflect,

Brighter than decies centena milia galaxies,

And for this I bear great respect.

Pride I keep on my vexatious ways,

And I believe my arrival was a serendipity

That’s going to remain a legacy.

And if I could wish for one thing

I’d make sure our love never sways.


DocFile (8)


We, two of a kind, but still miles apart

Have flairs that the other can’t brag about

And amidst this contrast, share a bond

Which can make Hercules quiver

And the Sirius stars enviously waver.

I look at pictures and smile with nostalgia

Tick-tock, how did it move by so fast

And if I could wish for one thing

I’d go back to cherish them again in the past.



And that was a tribute to the one and only Deepali Garg, my sister who turned 21 today (25/02/18). ❤


45 thoughts on “If I Could Wish for One Thing

  1. I’m so proud of myself for understanding even half of those big words you have no idea aLSO CHOMU YOU WRITE SO WELL when you’re famous and all I’m going to live off you thanks

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