Let’s Take a Step Forward

Women’s Day- A day to internationally commemorate women’s rights.

Right. Now that’s a Wikipedia definition.

Let’s see what Women’s Day actually is. A day for writers (like me) to write cheesy lines on impact of women on society and exaggerating the role of feminism with the same terms that have been in use since the beginning of time. A day for leaders to deliver long speeches on women’s rights and suffragette movements. The only day when women receive texts praising their sacrifices and dedication.

The mere fact that Women’s Day is celebrated ONCE a year leads to the understanding that rest of the 364 days are ‘Men’s Days’. I am not criticizing the concept of Women’s Day, just its existence. My real question is, do we really need an International Awareness day to spread cognizance about a simple idea like equality? Emma Watson did not wait for March 8th to start the HeForShe campaign or to deliver that iconic speech at the UN. Oprah Winfrey’s words at the Golden Globe were felt by millions of young women across the countries even though the world was not officially commemorating women.

“If you believe in equality, you are a feminist.” Disagreed. There is so much more to equality than just women. Women’s Day itself is sexist. Male and Female are NOT the only two genders which constitute human race. If you believe in equality, you are a Humanist. We have come a long way with women’s rights but there are over SEVENTY known genders. And Women’s Day advocates ONE of them. When we talk about Humanism or Egalitarianism, there are many more than these seventy who are scrimmaging for representation and rights. The entire LGBTQ+ community along with every human lacking opportunities and freedom is a part of this struggle. Struggle against? Misogynists, sexists, transphobes, homophobes, biphobes, islamophobes. In short, narrow minded bigots.


I agree that the idea of queer is new to people. But aren’t we all about change? Doesn’t it make you curious to think about what could’ve been or what can be? We all are driven by our desires. If Eve hadn’t succumbed her temptation to eat the forbidden fruit, we wouldn’t even be here. I agree that we do celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. But how much of a change has it made? People still have to ‘come out’ to be accepted by others and most of all, accept themselves. Ever heard of a straight person say that they ‘came out’? No right? Because being straight is kind of obvious.

This Women’s Day, let’s take a step forward (and keep taking them for the rest of the year) toward humanity. Don’t go, “Gross!” when you hear about a gay couple (how can you?! I mean, have you seen Solangelo and Malec? *Percy Jackson and Mortal Instruments Reference*). Help out a friend if they are confused. Educate your children from a young age because they do not become LGBT overnight when they turn 16. Respect all.

Most of all, remember, different is not bad. Accept a human, because the only choice that actually lies with them is their choice to be happy and who is another equal to take it away from them?


57 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Step Forward

  1. Wow…great thoughts.. feminism is not about proving yourself superior..its about equality which also means sharing equal responsibilities along with the rights..

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  2. My thoughts exactly, Dhwani! Why we need to celebrate women’s day at all? Have written a post on it today, more of a rant actually. 🙂 By celebrating it, we are unknowingly giving into the purpose of this sexist movement – woo women for 1 day which would make right all the oppression of the rest of the year.

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  3. Yes I agree with Dhawani .
    Today the social media will be flooded by women day , but what is there to happy about .It is all an eyewash.
    Do we celebrate men’s day ? Today’s women perspective is to boycott women’s day and uncelebrate till men and women have equal rights .

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  4. Thank you for not using a thesaurus iss baar, I mean ham garribon ka kuch socho…. But still I have to disagree, the idea of Women’s day is not sexist, it just serves to show that there is still a need to work way harder to achieve equality. It’s the commercialisation of the concept, that’s the problem. But regardless, bro acha likha….. (and shoutout to Malec and Solangelo of course….)

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    1. Tune padha … Wahi mera sabse bada achievement hai!! I guess we have a difference in opinions but that’s okay.. at least they are both a stand for equality. Also, I agree that you are the cooler Somani 😛


      1. Mansi its you. Aashee is too lazy to open the link let alone comment. And that too so nicely after reading the entire thing and forming an ACTUAL opinion 😂


      2. BTW which one of us do you think it is? I mean pata chale it’s actually the other one and you are not actually calling me cooler….. that would just be tragic.


  5. Very well said Fruty! Every women’s day i feel this so strongly! Am so glad some one thinks on these lines! Your generations does us proud!

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  6. I don’t understand. I thought there were only 2 genders – male and female- in which females were in minority. But now I know that there are other minorities as well. Thanks for letting me know 🙂


  7. I really enjoyed this read!! I do agree with you..I’ve thought long on what we consider equality. Equal rights blurs lines. Each fight for any human right is individual. For instance men’s rights differ from women’s, the rights or equality of a black woman differ from a white woman.
    I had a conversation about this with my friend kiki and she had said, “I’m a black woman, my plight differs from yours, we are both woman but there are differences that need to be recognized and not lost in clumping everyone into the same fight or desire to be seen the same. I do agree with her. Sometimes the push for equality interferes with what causes the inequalities to begin with.

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    1. What your friend said is something I never thought about! I do stand for equality but my perspective never allowed me to see how equality and rights can be different for different people. I completely agree with you and loved to know your opinion. This was great 🙂

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      1. I had honestly never thought about it myself but taking with her had really helped me see and understand how different it all can be but the common goal, to give everyone the right to live equally no matter how different the struggle is. Thank you so much for inviting me to read this.. great piece 🙂

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  8. I believe women are born superior than men.. They take on so many different roles in life that no man can ever possibly achieve.. I have worked closely in setting up of the women’s chapter of GBG Ahmedabad and can tell you the spirit and ability of women is outstanding.. It is just a shame that we still have to celebrate Women’s Day!!

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    1. I agree that it’s a shame that we still celebrate Women’s Day and I guess there are some things about women and their sacrifices that men will never be able to understand.


  9. My dear friend,

    Thanks for sharing this important message for equality of man and woman. There should not be just one day thinking of the role a woman has to play in the societey and the rest of the year the remembrance of equal rights between women and men fall into oblivion – by the way the same thing with Xmas: true xmas is a celebration not only on fixed days but throught the time to think kindly of others, help others and have peace together.

    Thank you very much – it should be indeed a matter of course for all of us to treat us same with no men higher or treated differently – we are all human beings with the same right…

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  10. I agree with your post. Infact i was going to write something similar. Then. , i thought i can write that any other day.

    You write well and make good points.

    Women day for me is a day to highlight there is still an issue that still needs to be resolved throughout the year. It does not belittle men. Think of it this way, we have friendship day, mothers day, fathers day etc. I think it is important to have a day to kindle the fact women in many place in the world are not equal. And even if are equal then there is oppression from another source.

    Your post is great and well conversed. I started to write similiar to you for womens day abd i scrapped in opted for a piece to uplift- and too say there still along way to go..

    Wish you all the best with you blog journey abd thought sharing.

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  11. Nicely written.

    The mere fact that Women’s Day is celebrated ONCE a year leads to the understanding that rest of the 364 days are ‘Men’s Days’. I would disagree with anyone that suggests so, as International Mens day is only one day, as is mothers day and fathers day. My issue is that there are so many appreciation days it is hard to keep a track!

    I am in two minds about the whole gender thing, as people associating with certain genders and being of a certain gender biologically is different. I do want to call people what they want to be called, as long as they are compassionate and not aggressive with it. I have met both sets of people!

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    1. Thank you so much. Even I recently discovered that
      International Men’s Day existed. But see, that’s the point. Very few people know about this whereas women’s day is a major eveny world wide as if there is A NEED to celebrate such a day.
      I agree with you on the entire gender perspective. I loved to know your opinion on my writing. Once again, thanks a ton :))

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  12. For me, Women’s Day is plainly the joy of being a woman and living life with my own choices. No one needs to give us the ‘right’ to choose as it is innate in us. How one desires to have short or long hair etc. Of course all within the confines of law. I hope this makes sense😊

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