I See You, Everywhere

I used to wonder if people think about me. On a rainy evening, if someone is looking out the glass wishing to share coffee with me. If someone is watching Me Before You and they hear a joke that they really want to share with me.  But then again, I started asking myself,”What about me will make them want to think of me?” I know I have a contagious laugh but that, only the people very close to me know. What do other people know of me? Which led me to my next question-Who am I? What am I to the world?

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A question that often comes to mind. A zany lump of bones and muscles, or the career I choose, like, doctor, engineer, lawyer? But what are we? As people? Is there more to us than just what is seen? More to show?

We put so much emphasis on outer appearance. But after a long day, if someone is asking you late at night, if you have reached home or not, it’s not because they like the car you drive. The brands we wear, or the liquor we can afford to buy are not the only things that make our loved one look for us in a crowd.

You know how people are actually remembered? Their smile. Their toes. The way they flick their hair or the way they snap their fingers (not thanos, okay?). The color of their eyes and the way they bite their nails or curl up on a winter night. Their laugh. Their flaws. Their tears. We have more substance than what we give ourselves credit for.

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Make yourself visible and people will see you. I feel presence of my best friend in the dimples of this joyous two-year-old who lives in the neighborhood. I remember my class teacher’s stern look on the second day of fifth grade every time Harvey Specter raises the right eyebrow in Suits. The enormous lip color ad outside Mac takes me back to the time my Mom’s lips had curled up in exasperation when dad and I were trying to play catch with one of her show pieces. The bright sign of IKEA reminds me of this waitress I met in Thailand four years ago who had mesmerizing cerulean blue eyes. And I swear, this one guy on the flight when looked to the right in the dim lights of the aircraft had hair exactly like Tom Holland and every time I see one of the Peter Parker scenes, I am reminded of the time he offered to hold my bag.

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We grow up learning to be strong. To portray our perfect behavior. But sometimes, all one needs to do is let go. Let go of the pretentiousness. Show the real us.  Engage without fear. Stay strong for what we really believe. Because it’s not the air and graces that make people immortal. It’s that one little thing that is unique to you. And that’s what makes you who you are. Your imperfections are only called so because society chose to call something ‘perfect’. So, embrace yourself. Love yourself.

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32 thoughts on “I See You, Everywhere

  1. I agree Dhwani. Society creates these insecurities about our imperfections and until will wake up, we tend to roll with the idea that something is wrong with us. Nothing is wrong. We need to be ourselves more; we need to shine from the inside out.

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