Words left Unsaid

“I wondered if he looked at me and his heart skipped a beat like mine. I wondered if he would like the way my lips curl up when I smile. I wondered if I would be the one he texts at 3 in the morning. I wondered if we would laugh together till we had tears rolling down our faces. I wondered if we would bake Christmas cookies together.

I waited. I waited for him to come up and say Hi.”

2018-08-09 01.06.36 1.jpg

“Thousand thoughts crossed my mind,

Is she the one I wanted to find

Her lovely laughs and soothing talks,

Twisted my heart like her locks

It was a feeling that I felt before,

That cause the body to sore

“Don’t do it again” the past screamed

Life isn’t the same to dreamed

Her brownie eyes kept peeking

As they knew what I was seeking

“You will shatter again” said fear,

“You can’t get more near”

Her smile spoke Verses,

That silenced the curses

Something ached, broken and lost,

“I can’t be forever in frost”

She held out to me her hands

That smelt like the spring lands

I glanced at her one last time

Thousand thoughts crossed my mind

She was the only one I wanted to find,

But I chose the winters, she was never to be mine.”

2018-08-09 01.14.43 1.jpg

“He moved towards me and held my hand. His fingers trembled as he lifted those brown eyes to match with mine. In a single moment, I saw a universe hidden beneath his tears. He opened his mouth to say something. Maybe I was good enough and maybe we will make it. But as if a second thought had suddenly crossed him, he pursed his lips and walked away. I watched him and wondered.

I wondered if it was because of the way my lips curl up when I smile.”


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