Live More Than Once

Have you ever stood on the tip of the Alps and gazed at the infinitely extending cosmos eventually merging into the horizon?
Hollered your name and heard the echo as if someone is calling out to you from far beyond?

Have you ever ridden on a hot air balloon and waved at a friend claiming to be on a trip around the world in 80 days?

Have you ever gone hunting for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland?

Have you ever stood at the Times Square on Christmas eve and looked at peoples’ eyes reflecting the night lit up by stars and vivid fireworks?

Have you ever been on an adventure?

So, have you lived? The argument remains that for all of these one needs luxury and time. But I thought money just couldn’t buy happiness. Life existed without money thousands of years ago and still does. Its up to us to find it. In places, in moments and in people.

But, have you ever accidently bumped into your favourite artist on a flight or while stuffing samosas and froze in perplexity?
Then clicked a picture with them and later wished that you had not been sobbing these tears of joy?

Have you ever snuggled with a loved one late in the night in a drive in cinema and watched Titanic?

Have you ever climbed a mango tree with your best friend and devoured the classic combination of raw mangoes and red chillies?

Have you ever started your own business and seen it falling like a house of cards?
Have you tried to rebuild it?

Have you ever laughed till your stomach hurt?

We always wait for tomorrow to live. As a child, you expect to travel once you get into a good university. As a student you expect to enjoy once you have a job. As a bachelor you expect to spend once you have a family. As a parent you expect to explore the world once your children are independent. And by the time one transpires to old age, FDs have the potential to buy a private jet but life is so unpredictable that who knows for how long that jet will see the skies?

And maybe at that moment, looking at your grandchild’s smile gives you more peace than the smile you get while picturing shapes in the snowy clouds. There is maybe no right time to do something. But there exist right moments when you just take out time and make it right. You will leave a lot for the coming generations but that, they can earn. Your memories they can’t.

Till your last breath, keep asking yourself a question everyday. Have I lived yet?

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37 thoughts on “Live More Than Once

  1. Omg yrr …your writings are soo gooodd…I mean I can’t even explain the joy of reading these hats off yr πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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  2. Ahhhhh the words are motivating, mesmerising , in short wonderful . It is indeed true that you just have a day to live and fulfill your wishes. You need to live everyday so that when you die the message on your tomb stone shall be ” Story still not over”.

    Love the blog Dhwani ….waiting for some more .

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  3. So enlightening and amazingly knowledge thriller ! I really felt like being transported to another world after going through such an eye opening piece.of writing.

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  4. Each day of life is each day of living. We do the best we can, within our financial constraints with the occasional splurge. But at the end of it one word decides majorly…”finances”πŸ˜„

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    1. Finances are always a barrier but as i said, we can live our lives to the fullest with the smallest of funds only if we have the motivation to. Thanks a lot :))


  5. Yeah r sooo much true in ur words dear… after reading ur blog i rmbr Louise E. Boone ‘s wrds… The saddest summary of a life contains 3 descriptions, could have, might have, should have!!! So.. hr u beautifully inspire all of us to go for the ride of our life now.. i. e do it everyday… #by living lif to the fullest… God bless u!!

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  6. What a beautiful piece. I love it. We should live like today is our last day. Tomorrow is not promised to us. It really touched me way down deep into my soul. It has inspired me. There are so many things I want to do and places I want to go. I will start doing those things which I want to do and things I want to see. Thanks my friend. Thank you so much.

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