Oh, The Lies!

With tears she enters the world

As her first shriek unfurls

Nobody to groom her, strengthen her

Nobody to apprise

That these shrieks are all that her destiny comprise.



We live in a country

Where a woman’s biggest fear is assault

A million molestation cases a year

A million cries for respect

And all we hear is

“It’s her Fault!”

From inappropriate clothing to staying out late

The Biggest lie they tell us is that

She is guilty for ruining her fate!



An eight-year-old,

What was her foible?

That she was a Muslim?

That she was a girl?

In the rallies that succour the horrendous rapists’ guise

How soulless are those men and women

Who accuse, on the name of religion and politics, a child?

The biggest lie they tell us is that

The law is equal for all who perpetrate a crime.



Why isn’t there an uproar?

Are minds all blocked and hearts too sore?

Maybe it’s the losing faith in all they teach

The holy books they blindly preach

Forgiveness was it?

The Biggest lie they tell us it that

God is within everyone’s reach.



It was a temple.

The accused were in charge of the case

The accused held reins of the country

Where were the officers for safety who make a vow?

Where was ‘beti bachao’ ?

When a daughter of India was being abused in action,

It’s amusing how justice would probably be easier if it were a cow!

The Biggest lie they tell us is that

India is a PROGRESSIVE SECULAR nation.



Nirbhaya, Kathua, Unau

All are a constant reminder

Of the countless times women were tortured

And the countless times they were denied justice.

It could be you sister, your wife, your daughter, your girlfriend

Who could be dead today

But then again, it could be your brother, your friend, your son, your husband

Whose dead humanity killed them.

The biggest lie they tell us is that

These monsters are either imaginary, or far away or strangers.


52 thoughts on “Oh, The Lies!

  1. Heart touching sentiments..which are true..when will we become progressive enough to stop our sons also going out late as we stop our daughters..and also stop giving our sons their superiority complex which leads to such incidents..
    Proud of u dear 😚

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s horrific that someone could do such harm to a child, if not equally horrific that so many fail to see the lack of humanity and rise to ‘protect’ their narrow beliefs instead. Very well written, and eye-opening to the lies we’ve been fed.

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  3. The fact that u asked this question and felt women anguish is the step forward..only if all the parents start guiding their kids to respect the other gender..the problem will be solved.

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  4. Very heartfelt poem, these awareness of equality and overall progress is required .
    These beast should be chastised to death, we should unite and make this country a peaceful and beautiful one.

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  5. This poem really touched me very deep. The lines “we live in a country where women’s biggest fear is assault”, believe me reading past this lines were not easy. Look where we stand I think we are failing as a Nation. So much to do about it, but none of us knows how. Till then I hope we can very much use writing as a tool too. And you are really a gifted one dear.💕 I am already so touched by this poem and I really feel this needs to be shared, You have written and recorded all the pain and the harsh reality so gracefully. I hope this poem reaches to many. Well done👍👍 please continue with ur good work. Till then let’s all stay safe and hope and pray that some stern action or initiative be taken for safety of women in our country.

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    1. Thank you so much. This means a great deal to me. And I very much agree with you that as a Nation, we have a long way to go. Till then we should keep all women in our prayers and hope for a safer tomorrow.

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    1. Thank you so much. I went through the link and i will definitely write a post for the same and nominate someone further for the award. This means a great deal to me 🙂

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  6. Though sad, but it was needed to be told. It is really pathetic that people with such handicapped mentality still exist who do such crimes.
    Whatever we can do from our side to bring awareness, we should do that. And this post of yours is really a strong step towards it.
    If you don’t mind, can I mention a link to your post in my blog post https://wp.me/p97IxV-70 .
    Power to you… Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome !!
        Your efforts are praiseworthy. And I’m more than thankful that you let me mention link to this post on my blog.
        Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to take more glimpses of your imagination through your pen. Good luck !!

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  7. Heart-breaking, powerful words.
    There was a video on instagram I saw a month or so ago where schoolchildren in Bangladesh were asked about rape and assault and the kids blamed the girl for various different reasons. This is the narrative we are teaching to young kids, by doing so we CREATE rapists and victims alike.
    By denying justice, we perpetuate the narrative.
    P.S. I only just saw your message in my spam folder, not sure why it ended up there, and unspammed it but now I can’t see it on the post. Anyway, I thought I’d let you know.

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  8. Yes every word that you wrote is true and I believe raising our voice and contributing our bit to change is the least we can do.
    Its a poem that speaks your heart and ours too. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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